Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Website Development (part 1)

As promised here are some layout ideas for the design of my website. I've been roughly experimenting with blocks to see what I think could work and what doesn't. I know the basics of what I definitely want; links to social media in corner, show-reel or gallery of work to be the main focus of the page. But I thought this would be the best way for me to visualise it.

I don't think I like these three layouts much. It feels like there's too much happening on one page. And you would have to scroll down, which is a design I wanted to avoid. Although I've put show-reel here, I think it would be best to show a gallery of work and have a clear link to my show-reel instead. If the gallery shows a high quality of work and includes shots from films anyway, ideally that should be enough to make people want to enter the website.

This is much simpler. There would be no scrolling so you can view everything that is one the page at first glance which in turn makes it easier to navigate. This is important for a potential employer as they'll likely not waste their time if it's too difficult to find your work.

Now we're just left to sort out the composition of the page, now there's no scrolling involved. Here are two layouts I think work quite nicely.

In the black area of the design would be a gallery of screenshots or pictures of my best work, and arrows to click through them. I think I prefer this design to the one bellow, as the links to other pages may be more recognisable if they are separate from the gallery.
These designs came about as I thought, if there was only going to be a gallery of photos, why not let it take up the entire screen. Logically, it makes sense, rather than there being empty space.

Another reason I think the top layout would work best is due to the fact that I can take the design for the bar at the bottom and link it, as well as the font and colour scheme, to the linked pages.

That's all for the website design for today. My next step is to plan the layouts for the button's pages and see what would look good on that front, and then following that, it's all about colour and style.

This is getting exciting.


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