Friday, 24 April 2015

Ultimate Image - Comic Style

So this ideas was slightly similar to the TV show idea but I really liked the idea of the comic book cover, as it highlights the most important parts of the comic. Alas, I thought, why can't a comic book cover highlight the important parts about me?

Exactly. So I looked around a bit, researching different types and I eventually came up with a very rough version of of my own to see if I thought the idea had potential. I eventually decided that yes it did, but not for an ultimate image. The comic book cover idea seemed more of a CV idea.

It has my name highlighted at the top, it was going to have all of my credentials and specialities on it. I also had a great idea of putting a qr code at the bottom, as you can generate your own, and then linking it to my website. So the comic idea was out. That just left me to my next idea. Which will be in the next post. Peace.

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