Thursday, 9 April 2015

Website Research

After my short Easter break at home, I come back bearing blog posts. Today will pretty much be strategic plan towards the building of my website. I've been looking at a bunch of website for inspiration, from both animation comapanies to illustration companies to see if I could get a feel of what I think would work well for me and what wouldn't.

These are the illustration websites I liked. I have added the links to the websites underneath. I really liked the layouts of them as I felt it worked well for their medium. However, as the layout focuses purely on a portfolio of pictures I don't think this style would suit the animation medium, especially as I am not solely pre-production based. It wasn't wasted time though, as it is clear the websites are directed mainly towards children, very colourful and cheerful. It made me think a lot about the kind of colour palette I want to use for my website, as my work slights towards comedy and snappy animation.

So I began looking into animation companies of course. I looked at both big companies such as Pixar and Nickelodeon, as well as small companies like Cloth Cat.

I eventually decided through my search that, while I like the 'scroll down the page' set up of websites, I don't think I have a large enough body of work to sustain a website like that and make it look good at the same time. Instead, I will be going for the simple effect. I do however, like the idea of having the entire screen present either a show-reel of animation or a gallery of best work, so there will be more research into that.

And finally I looked at animation companies that had a much simpler layout for me to gain inspiration from. Although I love the animation on the Red Kite logo which was lovely, I think I will lean more toward the layout Pixar or Disney have go going on. I think to really show off I need to make my work the key focus of the home page. Information can be an add-on in the links to contacts and work etc.
For now, I know the rough layout I'm thinking of using in my website, I've been working on rough layout plans that I will post shortly. But there will be a couple updates on dream companies and final project work before then.
Until next time.
Sian out!

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