Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Museum Again?

So sue me, I like the museum. Drawing animals is fun. I thought I'd take a quick break from animating and do some life drawing, change things up a bit. I sketched these all in lino pen, and when that ran out, biro is trusty friend.

This page was drawn in my little trip to the statue section of the museum. Or well, a section that didn't have animals in it, I can't be too sure what department it actually is. But there were statues. And a really weird dis-formed head statue which I though was pretty caricature-like so I drew it.  

That is all from this quick post today. The next post will be some more of my dream job segment, or research for the new website that I am in the process of creating. I've just realised I haven't actually posted any of my animation for my final film. So that will be happening very soon as well.

Until then. Peace. 

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