Thursday, 16 April 2015

I've Got a Dream(Works)

I come bearing gifs to furiously seduce you into reading this post. But why wouldn't you want to anyway, because it's all about DreamWorks! I think it goes without saying that I want to work here, so I'm just going to talk about animation. Now it was very difficult picking favourites here, but I did it, and they're probably the most mainstream choices I could have made. God I'm such a conformer.

The Road to El Dorado because well, Miguel. Nuff said, but I'll continue anyway. The animation is amazing, of course it is. And the painterly backgrounds are beautiful. I love that they experimented in this slightly and mixed in some CG animation, but it's not just about the quality of animation, it's - wait for it - about the story. I know, I know, I've said this in every dream post so far, and I will likely say it in them all. If you ain't got a good story you ain't got nothing. Truth. The story has to be spot on, especially with a company as highly regarded as DreamWorks, because the audience already expect a high quality of animation so they'll scrutinize the narrative more. And DreamWorks, you've not let down yet.

But what is it about the story exactly that makes me love this film so much? I think I've already touched upon it but; it's the characters. I mean, of course everyone loves Miguel, but Miguel wouldn't be Miguel without Tulio to exasperate and cause trouble with. The gambling scene for instance. It is best. Oh! and there's Chief and Chel. And the horse! Why are all horses great in animation. I will never know, but I approve. 

Speaking of stallions (sort of) let us move onto my other favourite DreamWorks animation, and isn't it most people's? Shrek baby! Because all the childhood feels (warning: overload). There really isn't much you can't love about Shrek. It's an amazing twist on the fairytale world, it's got an entire cast of hilarious and badass character's. There's an unconventional love story between a Donkey and a Dragon. They get married and have babies, what more could you want. Honestly. 

They've taken the traditional fairytale tales and stereotypes and flipped them all inside-out to create this hot, beautiful mess. The hero is the opposite of Prince Charming, the Princess has kick-ass ninja skills, the dragon guarding the castle is a girl-dragon who just wants some donkey lovin'. And the happy ending is when they both turn into ogres and live happily ever after. See it has sweet moments too.

Not to mention it's also happens to be one of those films where I love every single character. That is rare. I even love Lord Farquaad for heavens sake! I was happy when the Dragon ate him but he was small and had to consult a magic mirror to find a wife and that's just hilarious. Even the minor characters are the best though; Pinocchio, Three Little Pigs, Ginge. You remember them because they all have an important role in the narrative and of course, they each have a quote you can't forget. 

I swear, there are five films me and my brother constantly quote at each other and, as well as Madagascar, Shrek is one of them. I couldn't fit them all in this post, as much as it saddens me, but I picked a few and they're all of Donkey, just because, it's Donkey. Probably one of my favourite characters to exist ever. I don't think I actually need to explain myself. So I'm just going to finish right there.

These were just a couple of my favourites, there's still Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda, The Prince of Egypt and the list goes on. You can find them here at their website. It makes me go all fuzzy and warm inside. Aaaaahh childhood memories. Now go forth and watch all the DreamWorks films.


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