Sunday, 12 April 2015

I Have a Dream (to work for Flickerpix)

This company. THIS COMPANY. The home page of their website alone puts hearts in my eyes. I would probably sell my mother soul to work with these people. It's probably all mangled and deformed anyway but the sentiment is all that matters.

One of my favourite things that Flickerpix have done is the 'Five Fables'. I mean really, how gorgeous is this style. Its a BBC series based on Aesop's classic fables with a modern translation and narration by Billy Connolly.
The animation is done in with an illustration style that pays homage to the fact that its a children's tale being narrated.

Not only the style is beautiful, all with the illusion that it has been painted, but the colours that have been used blend perfectly as well. Both of the images I have selected here show that. Even the characters blend with the backgrounds in regards to this, using the light and shadows to make them stand out instead.

Another series of work created by Flickerpix that I want to mention is actually another BBC narrated animation, 'Wee Wise Words'. It's a show about children's opinions on a variety of topics such as the environment and such. The style is once again in keep with is that it looks like it has been animated for a kid's program. The animation is simple but effective and there is a great use of texture that a lot of kid's programs have.

The textures are used for much more than this however. They have utilised them within the animation for some great transitions when travelling from one child's thought to another, mostly through a paper background, and it's executed really well. The transitions within this are really important because they emphasise what the children are saying, which is usually pretty hilarious. I mean, one kid thinks Robin Hood was around the same time dinosaurs were around, and another thinks there wasn't any grass or leaves in the 'olden days'. You have to laugh, and having the children's thoughts fleshed out well, makes it all the more absurd.

So yeah, Flickerpix. They've got some really beautiful stuff going on. Here I will direct you to their website where you can feast your eyes on the woods with those bunnies from 'Five Fables' that make me coo like an old lady pinching a toddlers cheeks.

Until next time. Peace.

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