Friday, 17 April 2015

Feel Like I'm Living a (Yellowshed) Dream

Holy moly Batman! I recently found out about this company and couldn't resist adding them to my list of dream oppurtunities because this is beautiful. Yellowshed is made up of two artists, Soyeon Kim and Todd Hemker. They generally work with really stylised animation, usually cut out. It gorgeous. On the left here is a halloween e-card they've created. It's a short narration piece and the puppet animation is simple but the backgrounds with the illustration style is so breath taking.

They have worked on many projects, both big and small to create some wonderful animations. I love NIPSCO advert that has some lovely backgrounds and characters in. The lighting and shadows add to the scene really nicely here as well. They've also done a few short works for the Natural History Museum and the cut out tree in #1 has some of the most satisfying shadows in. They have an affinity for texture which is another reason I'm probably drawn to them so much as I think it usually gives designs so much more depth.

Then we move onto some of the bigger projects they have done. Yellowshed have worked on the end credits of both Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2, and Madagascar 2. Which, is pretty incredible and shows just how good they are I think. They're both cut-out animation but what is so great to note about these are the transitions between each scenes are so beautifully done in both films. They've also managed to take the elements of each film, like the fruit in Cloudy and the African influences from Madagascar that shows another perspective and adds to the film.

You can find more from these amazing people on their website. I'll leave you to browse and enjoy.


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