Saturday, 11 April 2015

Dream a Little Dream (of Bird Box)

The next animation company on my dream list is Bird Box Studio. This is the ultimate company for creating animations in a range of different styles. They're experimental and it works. From, watercolour to sketchy, to block colours, paper cut animation to CGI, they do it all. It really gives the impression that if you asked them to do an animation in a certain style, they'd be able to nail it on the head and get the result you want.

But what stands out the most from Bird Box is their ability to fit such clear stories into such a short time frame.

I think my top three favourites have to be 'Chop Chop', 'Car Park' and an advert they did for 'Three Olive Vodka'. Oh but I love 'Dinner' as well. Mostly because if you have a dog you know the chaos that is dog v.s food. All these shorts are completely different stylistically, but they are all funny and have a little twist at the end to add the cherry on top.  

gif animals animation crocodile wildebeest bird box studio
gif animals animation crocodile wildebeest bird box studio
Like Disney is known for killing off parents and having happy endings, and Pixar generally aims to make you suicidal in the first ten minutes of the film, Bird Box also has a few character traits that you expect when watching one of their animations.

The first and most prominent is the majority of their shorts have a comedic twist at the end. Often, it implies that whatever situation has just occurred is going to repeat itself again. Like in 'Wildebeest' wherein two wildebeest argue over whether the object in the lake is a crocodile or a log. The cycle continues as each wildebeest is eaten.

gif animals animation crocodile wildebeest bird box studio In 'Dinner' the same thing is done. The dog fights to get his bowl out from under the counters and when he does, he gets it stuck again. Its a pattern in their work. Something that shows that this is a Bird Box Studios animation.

This isn't always the case. Sometimes the twist is just slightly sinister and surprising, like the girl's snow-tank in 'Christmas Wish' or the cowboy shooting his companions in the 'Three Olive Vodka' advert. But it's something I expect, and I'm always surprised that the end twist.

Another signature style they have is having one animation on the same background. It's a skill actually because they never feel like they're missing any shots or are too much. It probably helps that the shorts are usually only just over a minute long, but it's amazing none the less.

I'd love to work for this company, or even just get some work experience with them for a few days actually. I think I'd be able to learn so much from them, they're such talented company.

Here is a link to their website if you want to see what all my fuss is about.


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