Saturday, 11 April 2015

Blog Up (Research on Blogs)

Okay, so I got  sick of the whiteness of my blog. There was far too much white for such a dark cynical human such as myself. And also, every time I looked at my blog at night in the dark it felt like I was going into the afterlife, which is not something I want anyone to associate with my blog. I don't know, maybe it was just me. Either way, today was a day for change, so I changed it.

Here's a little of the research into creative blogs I did, because if I was going to do this, I was going to do it right dammit. And here's what I learnt; there are some beautiful blogs out there guys. Let me show you some.

What I liked a lot about this blog was the olden time newspaper theme it had going on, sort of a bit Oliver Twist. It looks really in tunes stylistically to that era, and it fits the theme of the blog really well too, as its written in that kind of tense. Like a telegram. Hence being called Lord Likely I presume.

One of the best things about this blog actually is the dedication to the tense. There's even funny little adverts along the side about buying wives and a list of Lord Likely tales. And of course, moustaches.

This blog is amazing purely for the simplicity of it. It is just visually pleasing, which is good considering its a design blog. Not only a design blog, but a website design blog. It would be a bit awkward if it was bad.

I really like the links at the top of the page as well, above the title. When you click on portfolio it takes you to his website as well which I thought was really good idea actually, having it all link up like that. It even has smaller links that divide up the blog, which is genius.

Now this is a blog that is really graphic. It revolves around blocks which is appealing to look at, and the bold colours stand out even more up against a pitch black background.

I think the graphic quality of this blog is due to the fact that the creator is a designer, once again. They have even worked for Adobe. Which I think is pretty impressive to be perfectly honest. I think black is something that works incredibly well with photos being the main component of a blog. I will for sure be taking this into consideration.

This blog is beyond pretty to look at. The idea of just having black and white works really well here, with there being a fair bit of grungy texture at hand.

It seems to be continuous posts of a comic strip but I could be wrong. It is a little difficult to navigate around as I can't understand a word of what I'm clicking on as I'm not French. I think its French. I did click on the bit that has an arrow flashing at it. Well done Demain, I see what you did there. That was the bit where it mentioned a PayPal account.

The link to this blog is broken. But it's called The Pixel Blog. I think, as an animator, this is one that really stuck out to me. Its fun. This is actually what I'd imagine Dreamwork's or Pixar's blog to look like. It's got such star quality to it.

I have no idea how they managed to have the branches stick out between each post though. I mean surely the length of it changes everytime? That is just, far too complicated coding for me, but hey, maybe one day I could learn how to do this?

From what I've gathered from these blogs is that there is a colour system that you should uphold to in order to make it look professional and work well. Between 2 and 3 main colours. I'm counting rainbow as a colour in this instance. I have already changed some aspects of my blog; the title heading, a bit of the format and the colouring. However, some more minuscule details may still change so be on the lookout for that.

 Sian Out.

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