Thursday, 30 April 2015

Animation Celebration

Praise the Lord!

It's finally time to show you show of my animation on my final project. Really sorry it's taken so long, I've been a bit caught up on posting for my business project and getting the website up and running. Mostly, it's just take me this long to find 40 minutes to upload this little section onto Vimeo, because Vimeo likes to be mega awkward. So apologies for that.

I'm not sure if I've shared the storyline for my final project on here before so, I'll just get to it now. It's a 2 minute long animation, which is sort of the pilot of a series, about a girl and a ghost. I'm aware that has potential to be depressing but I was incapable of going down the serious route, so this is how it goes down. There is a ghost in the attic but the girl (Jessie) is the only one who knows he's there. Her parents don't believe her when she tells them because they think all of the trouble the ghost causes is her, and she is just terrible as making up excuses. Also, the ghost loves food. I think I was really hungry when I thought up this film actually, there is so much food in it.

Here it is. Peace and enjoy!

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