Thursday, 26 March 2015

Can't Keep My Hands Out

Da Cookie Jar.

Here are a few backgrounds as mentioned in my last post, from me to you. I'm generous like that. I'm liking it all so far. There's still a bit of changes that might have to be made, mostly to do with colour and line work but I'll get there when all the backgrounds are finished.

Cookies. YUM. Now imagine this, but with heat waves swirling off them. Honestly, I swear this project 

just makes me hungry. The daily urge for Millie's cookies is a struggle, but I've been strong so far. You could say I've been a tough cookie. Ha. Wow, that was lame. I even surprised myself there.

On to background 2 of 3 I will show you today. It's pretty simple. That blank space of blue wall (that I'm thinking should be a lot whiter) has a character there. But its still so blank! You know what, I'll put a picture frame there. Some people do that in their houses right?

Why is there a mountain in the background you ask? Well, maybe it's set in Wales, or Canada. Or that creepy place in Russia, with the 9 mysterious deaths. I had nightmares after that movie. And now I'm imagining my characters Russian. It's hilarious.

ANYWAY, with this last one I'd first like to say that it is not finished. At all. There's still a lot of  work to do on it. Something is not working for me aside from all the missing scenery and texture, I think it might be the windows. Hmmm. I'll keep working on it and the problem will hash itself.

Then I will update you crazy people with shiny new things.


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