Saturday, 14 March 2015

Bird Is The Word

My next post will be final film related, but for now I'll show you one of my summer projects. Well, sort of. It started with me trying to find fun things to entertain my nephew with some plasticine I found, which turned into him telling me he was bored and me saying "sssshhhhh child, go watch TV" while I spent the day neglecting him and modelling random little figurines. A+ babysitting there Sian, well done.

Here's my fave. I've decided he's so sad looking because he's the last dodo.

The legs are not amazing because I had to make them thick in order to hold up the rest of the body.

It's a BABY *coo*

Studious Bird reads the newspaper. Is everything I'm not.


And a puppy! Not inspired by my dogs right now, they are not cute; they're evil.

But that ends my adventures with plasticine for now. I'd love to give puppet modelling a go one day I think. It's too fun.

It's been real.

Sian out!

(Update: I have no idea how to fix whatever is happen when you click on half of the pictures. Just don't click on them. It's for the best)

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