Tuesday, 31 March 2015

A Dream Is A Wish (That Nickelodeon Makes Come True?)

This is the beginning of a new segment of my blog, which is pretty much me gushing about companies that I admire and would kill my flatmate to work for. You think I'm joking... I am. She's terrifying, I wouldn't damage a hair on her head.

I'm going to start with the big guns. Nickelodeon. It has to be said. My favourite programs were born there. You have no idea how happy I was when I found out 'SpongeBob SquarePants' was on Netflix. And don't get me started on the new film coming out. I made a promise that I wouldn't go to the cinema without Orange Wednesdays, but I will break that promise for SpongeBob.


As you could probably guess, I'd have to say SpongeBob is my favourite. Although 'Fairly Odd Parents' is a definite contender, everyone who has lived with me knows SpongeBob is my forever girl. My brother actually bought me a Patrick teddy for Christmas. It is currently the only teddy I own, because I am, in some ways, actually an adult. I just can't help myself. It is absolute genius.

I think the best aspect about the program, apart from originality of the idea, is how absolutely crazy it is. I've caught so many people, including my sister who claims to hate it (fingers crossed she's adopted), watching it and laughing because it is just so ridiculous. Why would a sea sponge live in a pineapple? How can they drink and cry underwater? It doesn't actually matter. It's funny because it's ironic and rules don't apply. The creators don't take it seriously. They take the rule book and they rip it apart. That's probably what appeals most, especially to kids. No one likes rules. 

Another great part of this show is of course, it looks good. Looks amazing actually. It's comedy, so snappy animation fits just right, and I've always loved the detailed close ups they've got going on as well as the paint-like style. The backgrounds are beautiful. The idea of using flowers in the seas-sky is one of my favourite things.

Mostly it's about the ideas. The creation of a world and great characters. Nickelodeon just gets it, and they get it good. They know how to tell a story, and they know how to make it funny and exciting, and appeal not just to kids, but to the childish part of adults I think, as spongy as that sounds. It's why I want to work there. Because they focus on what is important; creating a great story.

What about this DOESN'T appeal to you? The correct answer is nothing. It's so mental it just works.

Here is where the Nickelodeon magic happens; at their website

I'll leave you with this. An expression of my feelings for Nickelodeon.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Can't Keep My Hands Out

Da Cookie Jar.

Here are a few backgrounds as mentioned in my last post, from me to you. I'm generous like that. I'm liking it all so far. There's still a bit of changes that might have to be made, mostly to do with colour and line work but I'll get there when all the backgrounds are finished.

Cookies. YUM. Now imagine this, but with heat waves swirling off them. Honestly, I swear this project 

just makes me hungry. The daily urge for Millie's cookies is a struggle, but I've been strong so far. You could say I've been a tough cookie. Ha. Wow, that was lame. I even surprised myself there.

On to background 2 of 3 I will show you today. It's pretty simple. That blank space of blue wall (that I'm thinking should be a lot whiter) has a character there. But its still so blank! You know what, I'll put a picture frame there. Some people do that in their houses right?

Why is there a mountain in the background you ask? Well, maybe it's set in Wales, or Canada. Or that creepy place in Russia, with the 9 mysterious deaths. I had nightmares after that movie. And now I'm imagining my characters Russian. It's hilarious.

ANYWAY, with this last one I'd first like to say that it is not finished. At all. There's still a lot of  work to do on it. Something is not working for me aside from all the missing scenery and texture, I think it might be the windows. Hmmm. I'll keep working on it and the problem will hash itself.

Then I will update you crazy people with shiny new things.


Saturday, 14 March 2015

Bird Is The Word

My next post will be final film related, but for now I'll show you one of my summer projects. Well, sort of. It started with me trying to find fun things to entertain my nephew with some plasticine I found, which turned into him telling me he was bored and me saying "sssshhhhh child, go watch TV" while I spent the day neglecting him and modelling random little figurines. A+ babysitting there Sian, well done.

Here's my fave. I've decided he's so sad looking because he's the last dodo.

The legs are not amazing because I had to make them thick in order to hold up the rest of the body.

It's a BABY *coo*

Studious Bird reads the newspaper. Is everything I'm not.


And a puppy! Not inspired by my dogs right now, they are not cute; they're evil.

But that ends my adventures with plasticine for now. I'd love to give puppet modelling a go one day I think. It's too fun.

It's been real.

Sian out!

(Update: I have no idea how to fix whatever is happen when you click on half of the pictures. Just don't click on them. It's for the best)

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Final Film Characters - Part Deux

So here be the development and final design of my second character for my short film. I like her. She's pretty alright.

Ignore all the writing, its just gibberish.

Every character that I draw with glasses is apparently my flat mate. Because she is the only human being that has glasses in the world. Of course.

I really like the angles of this design. It's just how it is, bruh.

Turn around wooo!

Turn around in COLOUR! RIGHTEOUS.

Character in action, She's a bit bad ass me thinks. All onesie-wearing people are.

I may update this when my brain has more input than random noises.

Later bro-skis and enjoy.

Sian out!

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Museum Shenanigans

As you can probably guess, I went to the museum. And I did things, like walk around, poke the glass and sit on benches. Oh and I drew dead animals. I say dead because I know that the hanging whale they have was once a real whale. My flatmate found out and she cried. Before you ask, yes she is a fully grown university student. I'm not sure if the other animals used to be alive as well but I imagine that they were. It only disturbs me slightly. 

Anyway, I digress. I drew things. This is me presenting to you the things I drew.



But seriously, the museum's bae. You should go and draw dead animals too. 
Tune in next time for other things.

Sian out *drops mic*