Sunday, 22 February 2015

Final Film Characters - Part 1

I'm ashamed the amount of times I've posted in the past 3 months and today I'm officially making a schedule to post at least once a week.

So onto work. Today I'm just going to post the development of one of my two characters for my final film.

Originally, the thought in my mind was simply; villain. That's why capes and and dark hoods were in my mind.

But the more the storyline developed, the more the character began to change from more sinister, to simply inhuman looking.

And his shape changed from pointy and thin, to slightly more square and animal-like

So rather than an intelligent and evil villain, I had a more redeemable, more approachable and less creepy looking character.

So here is my turn around, so you can see what the line work is like.

And my colour turn around.

And just a sample page of expressions for him.

I will update on my other character within a week.

Until next time!

(Update: I'm a lying liar who lies. Sorry.)

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