Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Not really, obviously. I made a Batman pumpkin though and I'm feeling pretty proud of it so in the spirit of Halloween I'm going to post it on da blog. Bare in mind I've only ever carved a pumpkin once before this and it was MANY years ago.

Pumpkin art is a thing I would like to do every year I have decided.

That Bat signal. It completes me.
My flat with our pumpkins. Because we are the coolest.

And all our pumpkins in a row. Artistic.
Hopefully, we win the pumpkin contest.
Happy Halloween!
(Update: We did not win the pumpkin contest)

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Google Doodle

This past week I've been creating my final Google doodle. I've managed to put as many effects as I could manage in there, including multiplanes, bevel effects, drop shadows, glow effect, blur effects, texturizing, adding sound, motion and shape tweens as well as a little of actionscript.

Actionscript was probably the most difficult of these 3 weeks and I considered making my doodle interactive but I quite like it as it is and I was worried the computer would crash if added anything else. It was lagging enough as it is. If the swfl file I put here lags or the sound comes before the blur of the train whooshing past this is why. I swear the sound in the correct place in my flash file.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Dress-Up Jess

Hey, so summers over and 3rd year has finally begun.
We're finally learning some flash! Which is good news. This is an update as well as a test to see if we can post interactive stuff online so hopefully this works. It's a thing I did called Dress-Up Jess wherein you can dress my flatmate Jessie.

Have fun!