Friday, 4 April 2014

Doodles Doodles

And more doodles...

There's not really much I can add regarding the animation front. I don't want to post many animation clips because then I'd be giving it all away. But animating is going well, we're on schedule and it's looking good so far.

I have noticed though that during my shorts breaks from animating during the day and night it's helped me creatively to just draw random things that pop into my head. It's not like this is something I've never done before but it's becoming some what a ritual for me. I think maybe it's due to the length of this project. If I didn't have another outlet I'd explode. Then there's life drawing of course.

More dog drawings because I'm missing my dog a bit. After feeding ducks and watching many duck videos on YouTube though (It was research I swear!) I've decided I want a duck. No seriously. I'm so done with my puppy, she's a nightmare. I'm going to trade her for a duck. If I had a duck I wouldn't miss her at all.

That rat's pretty cute. I still don't want a rat though. I'm determined about this duck. The old lady reminds me of the witch from Spirited Away. I cannot for the life of me pinpoint why. Maybe it's the big head.

That's all I've got for now. I know it's not much but hopefully I don't get too busy over Easter and manage to post bits and bobs.

Until next time!

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