Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Let the animation begin!

Tokyo was amazing thanks for asking... You didn't? Oh. That's awkward...

On a serious note I know its been a couple weeks but there was Tokyo, then my jetlag lasted for like, nearly a week. It was depressing. But mostly we've just been working on our layouts and schedules last week and we've finally started animating. We're hoping to have that done by the Easter holidays, fingers crossed, and then a hell of a lot of spit n' polishing.

So, I've got a few shots done already but they all need a bit of fine tuning. But I'll leave with a little taster of our film for now. I feel it really captures the essence of our piece.


Hope you enjoyed... Go to Katy's blog www.katymorari@blogspot.co.uk for more!

I'll post soon.

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