Saturday, 29 March 2014


It's pretty much what it says in the title. My animation is going well, we're on schedule but there's not too much I can post on that for now, maybe next week though.

For now, during my breaks of animation I do a few random little sketches. This week I've mostly been in a fish mood. So I drew some fish... with attitude.

Oh and there's an elephant too. I don't know why, it started off as a fish and then I thought, actually, this would be better as an elephant. So its an elephant now.
And then here's a page with a few dogs and whatever else on. Mostly my dog, in cartoon form. You can tell by the 'I did something wrong' expression on her face.
Oh and look, fish made a reappearance!
So this is what I do during my breaks of animation.
Until tomorrow!

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