Sunday, 30 March 2014


Just a quickie...

While the Easter holidays are still about I thought I'd just post this. A couple months or so ago I decided I needed to incorporate my up to date work into a showreel  :)


Saturday, 29 March 2014


It's pretty much what it says in the title. My animation is going well, we're on schedule but there's not too much I can post on that for now, maybe next week though.

For now, during my breaks of animation I do a few random little sketches. This week I've mostly been in a fish mood. So I drew some fish... with attitude.

Oh and there's an elephant too. I don't know why, it started off as a fish and then I thought, actually, this would be better as an elephant. So its an elephant now.
And then here's a page with a few dogs and whatever else on. Mostly my dog, in cartoon form. You can tell by the 'I did something wrong' expression on her face.
Oh and look, fish made a reappearance!
So this is what I do during my breaks of animation.
Until tomorrow!

Model Village

I'm sorry its been a couple weeks, I honestly was so sure I posted my showreel about a week ago but it's sitting in my drafts section so I'll post that tomorrow.
Anyway, this Thursday we went on a little trip to do some life drawing of a model village so I thought I'd post some of my sketches up from there.

A charcoal sketch.

There were even tiny cottage houses.
It started to rain pretty soon after we arrived, and these were some of the quick sketches that got caught in heavy downpour.
The same thing happened as I was quick drawing some ducks (and a random pigeon) by the river after but I quite like the effect it had I suppose. It adds to it.
That's all for this post but I will be posting again today and another tomorrow, as I said earlier.
Hope you liked :)

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Let the animation begin!

Tokyo was amazing thanks for asking... You didn't? Oh. That's awkward...

On a serious note I know its been a couple weeks but there was Tokyo, then my jetlag lasted for like, nearly a week. It was depressing. But mostly we've just been working on our layouts and schedules last week and we've finally started animating. We're hoping to have that done by the Easter holidays, fingers crossed, and then a hell of a lot of spit n' polishing.

So, I've got a few shots done already but they all need a bit of fine tuning. But I'll leave with a little taster of our film for now. I feel it really captures the essence of our piece.

Hope you enjoyed... Go to Katy's blog for more!

I'll post soon.