Friday, 7 February 2014

Ducking Awesome

If you didn't guess, this post is dedicated to the development of my duck character (a.k.a. The Ducktor) that is cast in my Final Major Project. I love him. You have no idea how much. You could think he's pants but it will not dwindle my love for him and his general amazingness.

To begin with actually, he was a seagull. I know, what an insult.

Although I still liked those designs, it made a lot more sense for out bird to be a duck, what with him being in a park and all. So, I played around with a few duck designs.

After making a final character decision I did a rough turn around for him.
He's such a simple little thing.

Then we begin on the expression sheets.

The amount of expression you can get out of this little guy is ridiculous. I haven't had such drawing a character for a long time.

Then, the action sheets.

I've mentioned it already but he's so fun to draw. I probably won't be saying that when I'm animating him flying but I want to savour this moment.

He's a sassy little duck, he is. Anyway, I'll leave off with that. I'll get some final colour model sheets up soon but not before more development of our main character and our mother.

Check out Katy's blog (she finally got one!) at for development on our life model!

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