Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Photoshop Discoveries

OR 'How I learnt I've been doing things the long way round'

I'm in the middle of completing a module in university where we've been learning to use a few different types of Adobe software to create backgrounds to an industry style and standard. First, we used Photoshop. Now this took me by surprise because I thought I knew how to do certain things, and now I've realised I was doing it either all wrong, or the long way around, so this has been a massive eye opener. We were to copy a background from "Frankenstein's Cat" by A Productions and given the line work in order to do so. I'm really pleased with the turn out and I surprised myself again by enjoying it. Well, once I got used to it anyway.
We also completed a night time version of the same background; a really useful and easy process that will save me a lot of hassle in my future background endeavours.

So I know we established that I didn't create the line work, but you see those swirls on them trees? Yeah, that's all me...
Not impressed? Well, you should've seen how beautifully organised my Photoshop file looked. In fact:
I'm not sure how necessary that was but it IS a very organised looking file... Look at it.
Until tomorrow.

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