Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Kids Are Like Dr Seuss

So basically, kids are weird.

Our lecturer sent out a handful of 11 second sound clips to a group of first school children to listen to. They pick a sound clip and create a character based on the clip they chose. Then, we come in. We make that character animate-able but as close to the original drawing as possible before we animate them to the sound clip. My kid, sent me this back -

Now, when I said kids are weird, I meant AWESOME weird! Not only does she have wings, but look at that chimney. Look at it. And that sun makes me happy. Saying this though, I was slightly confused to how she made the connection between a man shouting about playing a video game to a girl with wings and a house with an amazing chimney. But hey, it was a challenge. So I began my quest.

I put as many different ideas down as I could think of before I decided to choose one. There was a lot of builds I would have preferred to animate but eventually I chose the bottom right one but it still needed a few adjustments. The eyes need to be closer together and the wings more round, like a butterfly.

Now the character is finalised its time to draw a few hands, because it can only help.

Before I moved on the action and expression sheets I thought it'd be best to draw out my turn around first and pick my colours.

Then finally, we move on to the expression sheets!

I thought about the character in regards to the sound clip and took out the key characteristics before I decided on expressions. The character in the clip is energetic but still seems to hold a certain amount of naivety and that type of frankness that all kids have so I decided she'd be very bold and exaggerated in her movements and expressions.

Now onto the action sheets!

The hair, if anything, was a pain for me to draw. I think it has something to do with the hairline but it took me a while to get used to drawing it and that is why in certain drawings it could look slightly off. I am, overall, quite pleased with how this turned out.

I do have to say though, my favourite part of this character is the wings. Not when I think about animating them (yikes) but I like the way they look. With a glass texture and 60% opacity; I like.

So this is my progress so far, and I'll leave the animatic of what I have geniously named 'Head in the Clouds' until I post the full rough animation.

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