Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Sketchbook Pro Is My New God

So. I haven't updated in a while. The early hours at my new job had me trippin' for a while but now I'm back in the game.

I come baring a rough sketch I did in Sketchbook Pro. You can just download it from the internet for free but I will definitely be buying the pro membership because it is beautiful to draw in.

It's not much and I still need to work my way around the program, such as how to change the resolution and things but for a first rough try I think it went pretty well! I might come back and add more detail at some point, but I'll just keep playing for now and see where it gets me.


Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Final Film

Another quick update. I thought I might as well post my final film here, it can't hurt. There are so many changes I'd like to make with it given the time, like the backgrounds and some part of the actual storyline, but it got me a degree so I can't hate it too much.


Friday, 29 May 2015


So basically, my showreel guys. Its finally done after some vimeo issues I had, but here it is. Hope you enjoy!


Monday, 18 May 2015

Cheeky Promo

Mostly, the title is because I'm getting on board with the cheeky Nandos gag lately because it's hilarious. BUT I'm going to keep this really brief, my brain's a little melted as the deadline nears and I'm not sure anyone could handle the frazzle of my thoughts right now. However, I'm going to leave a couple promos of my series/short film here so you can see what is up.

The top one is what I imagine the end of the title sequence for my mini-series would look like while the ghost is just a quick promo I did to add to my end of year show. As you can see I like giving him a cheeky shadow. Enjoy and hopefully I will be updating short snippets if I catch a break. If not, I won't be posting until after Friday.


Saturday, 16 May 2015

Colour Colour Colour

A week left now before the deadline for my film so I thought I'd post a short colour clip on here so you can see what sort of style I'm going for here. It's a bit Nickelodeon, but what's wrong with that? I still need to sort the background layers out so there is actually depth but I'll get to it soon.

Hope you enjoy!

I have to get back to editing and fixing bits now. Peace.

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Animation Celebration

Praise the Lord!

It's finally time to show you show of my animation on my final project. Really sorry it's taken so long, I've been a bit caught up on posting for my business project and getting the website up and running. Mostly, it's just take me this long to find 40 minutes to upload this little section onto Vimeo, because Vimeo likes to be mega awkward. So apologies for that.

I'm not sure if I've shared the storyline for my final project on here before so, I'll just get to it now. It's a 2 minute long animation, which is sort of the pilot of a series, about a girl and a ghost. I'm aware that has potential to be depressing but I was incapable of going down the serious route, so this is how it goes down. There is a ghost in the attic but the girl (Jessie) is the only one who knows he's there. Her parents don't believe her when she tells them because they think all of the trouble the ghost causes is her, and she is just terrible as making up excuses. Also, the ghost loves food. I think I was really hungry when I thought up this film actually, there is so much food in it.

Here it is. Peace and enjoy!

Friday, 24 April 2015

Ultimate Image - Comic Style

So this ideas was slightly similar to the TV show idea but I really liked the idea of the comic book cover, as it highlights the most important parts of the comic. Alas, I thought, why can't a comic book cover highlight the important parts about me?

Exactly. So I looked around a bit, researching different types and I eventually came up with a very rough version of of my own to see if I thought the idea had potential. I eventually decided that yes it did, but not for an ultimate image. The comic book cover idea seemed more of a CV idea.

It has my name highlighted at the top, it was going to have all of my credentials and specialities on it. I also had a great idea of putting a qr code at the bottom, as you can generate your own, and then linking it to my website. So the comic idea was out. That just left me to my next idea. Which will be in the next post. Peace.